Awakening Couples

Why wait until issues in your relationship reach a state of crisis or stalemate? Why allow quiet despair, disenchantment or lack of possibility to dominate years together?


At  PRACTICE, under the experienced guidance of Dr. Lisa Langer and Dr. Gene Golden, a new approach for awakening within your couple relationship is “prescribed.” By combining body practices, such as couples yoga or meditation, with group sessions, each couple will create balanced, richer conversations and deeper connection. There are times when communication in relationships must transcend verbal dialogue and enter a dialogue of two bodies. Other times, it is effective verbal communication that is essential. You can also have fun opening up whole new avenues in your relationship and be satisfied and happy partners. If you are seeking a new approach in your relationship, one that “marries” classic couples treatment with new languages - body, mind and soul, then PRACTICE's Awakened Couples approach is for you. And remember, it just takes practice.


“Raw and Real,” A Yoga Process Group

If you’re seeking a safe place to explore feelings and emotions that often surface in our body practices, as well as deepen your path of personal transformation, then “Raw and Real,” a yoga process group run by Dr. Lisa Langer, is for you. Body practices such as yoga or Pilates create new openings and unblock old muscular and energetic patterns in our bodies. These breakthroughs often span the range of emotions; joy, sadness, fear and pain, and can be felt on and off the mat. Raw and Real is the group at PRACTICE designed to explore any and all issues in a safe, supported environment; leaving your practice deeper and your energy clearer



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