Pilates Teachers


Jamie Miller

Co-Founding Partner and Certified Pilates Instructor at Practice Body Mind Soul Company.  Jamie emanates joy, beauty and a down-to-earth, "good listener" quality that her clients’ treasure.  She holds her B.A. from the University of Delaware and M.A. in Education from Long Island University/CW Post Campus.  

Early in her career, she taught elementary school before focusing on raising her own two children. During that time, she started taking Pilates and was so inspired by the self-transformation she experienced that she committed herself to a 900-hour certification program to give that away to others.

Her mission is to help guide clients through the same self-transforming process, as well as introduce children, especially young athletes, to the benefits of Pilates. At Practice, she is helping to guide our whole organization to cultivate a Practice lifestyle and move beyond any one discipline to unify body, mind and soul.


Jaimie Perla 

Certified Pilates Instructor at Practice Body Mind Soul Company. A former gymnast, with a love of health and fitness, she is dedicated to bringing her passion for working with people to making a difference in their lives. Always striving to evolve and keep things moving, she never wants clients to feel stale or stagnant. She majored in pre-med at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and also holds a dual BA from Hofstra University in psychology and sociology. Then, a masters degree in social work from Fordham Lincoln Center.

She is a "home-grown" Practice Body Mind Soul client-turned-instructor. She discovered the studio in the summer of 2014, and by the fall of the same year, enrolled in the training program to obtain her teaching certification. In two short years, she has received several certifications and created various fitness programs to offer clients

Her goals include bringing her passion, experience, commitment, skills, adaptability, and energy to empower and help clients fulfill their overall goals to embody their best self.

Jane D
Jane Seligman Domney

Certified Pilates Instructor.  She holds a BSN and MPA in Health Planning and Policy Management from NYU Wagner.   During her childhood, adolescent and early adult life she more than dabbled in the dance world, in all genres – ballet, modern and jazz.   She has followed her  passion for “marrying” physical activity, dance and health as she recently  discovered that her love for pilates went much beyond the physical. She decided to take her practice to the next level and enrolled in the 720 hour Pilates Teacher Training Program at Practice Body Mind Soul which she graduated from in January 2015. 

She had the opportunity to begin teaching right away and has fallen in love with leading students through their practice. She  admires the multi-layered benefit of Pilates and its functionality in complementing other activities and sports, enabling us to move effortlessly and safely through life’s daily pursuits. She understands that movement can be used in multiple facets. Through teaching and through her own practice, Jane has experienced how movement heals. Jane continues to dive deeper into the layers of pilates, hoping that she can continue to help empower those she teaches through movement.

Jane promises a graceful, fun, yet demanding, variety of multi-level classes for the pilates enthusiast.

Lauren Renda-Levitt

Worked in the fitness industry since 2001. She began as a personal trainer, addressing strengthening, core stability and movement patterns that evolved over time toward a medical framework that included post-rehabilitation exercise programs (2009), injury prevention, Maternity Fitness and Cancer Exercise expertise (2010).

In 2013, Lauren's interest expanded to Pilates as an additional way of teaching natural movement patterns and exercises that protect joint health and prevent injury. Lauren received her certification through Equinox’s Mat Program (2013) and Equinox’s Classic Comprehensive (Apparatus/Equipment) Program in May 2016. Lauren has cultivated a Pilates teaching style that marries classical Pilates’ methods with her understanding and experience of the body's natural movement patterns. Each personal session is tailored and designed for high quality, effective results, that respect each person's body, history, and condition.

Lauren received her BFA in Art Education from Syracuse University and a MA in Art Education with a concentration in human figure drawing/Anatomy/Painting from NYU. She is passionate about the importance of the body in creating health and we