Reiki Certification Training at PRACTICE.

Our Reiki Certification Training program encompasses three levels of mastery:

Reiki 1

Reiki 2

Reiki 3 (Master and Master Teacher degree).

Usui Shiki Rhoyo is the lineage of our teaching.

Reiki 1   In this 6 hour basic principles and foundations of Reiki class,  students will learn the history of Reiki,  principles of Reiki,  practices of hands-on techniques for self, others, animals and plants. Students are given 4 energy attunements in the Reiki system of healing. A manual and certificate of completion is included.


Reiki 2  is the second degree and attunement to Reiki.  In this level the student receives 2 attunements and is taught the three, 2nd degree symbols.  Each symbol provides healing on a deeper level.  The student will learn the power symbol, mental and emotional symbol, and the distant healing symbol. This 6 hour class will teach  the students to learn, draw and say the symbols and provide hands-on experience. A manual and certificate is given upon completion.

Reiki 3 Master Degree Reiki 3 degree is divided into two parts.  In this degree the student receives the Master symbol and is taught advanced breath work. Business, ethics and community practice for healers are all discussed. A manual, hands on practice and a certificate is given upon completion.
Reiki 3 - Reiki Master Teacher Degree The second part of Reiki 3. Preparation is required for this degree. The Reiki Master Teacher will evaluate student readiness for advancement to this level of training. This degree includes guidelines for teaching and passing the attunements as well as Healer/client ethics and protocols. A test and evaluation is given at this level. A Manual, hands on practice and certificate is given upon completion.

Advanced Reiki Training (Pre-Requisite Reiki 1 or Higher)

•  Reiki and crystals
•  Creating a sacred space
•  Developing intuition
•  Long distance healing, manifestation, and relationships
•  Reiki in a healthcare environment
•  Reiki with animals and plants
•  Reiki with essential oils


Meditation Techniques, 4 Week Course, 8 Hours

At PRACTICE, meditation is often magical, life enhancing and commonly challenging! It is a very powerful way to awaken inner listening, self-attunement and a greater experience of the present moment. The practice of meditation commonly reduces stress, increases attention, concentration and access to innate inner wisdom.


Have you been interested in meditation but were unsure where to begin? Allow Tina Conroy to instruct and support your steps toward cultivating and building a meditation practice that is uniquely your own. At PRACTICE we understand the personal quality of meditation and the unique nature of each person’s body, mind and soul.
Different sourceful meditation tools such as guided breath work, mantra, concentration, free writing, walking and conscious eating will be explored whether you are new to meditation or wish to deepen your personal Practice, Tina’s 4 week course may be for you.


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