Private Sessions


Private one-on-one sessions are the best way to cultivate your Pilates practice. Pilates is detailed and entirely personal. The benefits of Pilates are realized over consistent, successive sessions. Our teachers customize a program to develop each client a session at a time, exercise at a time - all building new pathways for core strength, lean & long muscles, balance, flexibility, uniformity and progressive accomplishing of the exercises. General guidelines are: 0-10 sessions your body wakes up, 10-20 sessions you begin to anticipate the exercises and exhibit new skills, 20-40 sessions your body begins to change and fulfill initial goals, 40-60 sessions you are realizing your goals and on your way to a new you. Over 100 you have new pathways for moving body/mind and an elevation in your overall vibration and harmony with ease of movement and living. Take on your journey and reserve a private today.


Custom Classes

Sometimes, clients come to us as couple, family or team of friends and would like dedicated classes. We are happy to create a structured program for groups on a custom basis. Clients enjoy the benefits of a custom time and the camaraderie of knowing the people in the group and supporting each other. This service works incredibly well for:


  • Couples finding a new way of relating to one another as it’s a new adventure together
  • Families interested in supporting each other’s goals as it’s a collaborative journey
  • Friends interested in deepening your support for each other being the best you can be.

Inquire within to find out what’s possible and jump into something that will alter the quality of your lives.

Group Classes


Group classes at Practice intentionally impact the vibration of your mind/body connection and spirit of your day! We encourage a safe, collaborative environment to workout, learn new skills and show up to Practice. Sometimes, the battle in life is won simply by being there and showing up.


Wake up your Practice, invigorate your spirit and strengthen your core as you SOAR & MORE.


Required: You must have a basic working knowledge of Pilates at Practice before joining a class and you must RSVP as space is limited.