"Proud and alone, cold as a stone, I'm afraid to believe the things I feel. I can cry with the best, I can laugh with the rest, but I'm never sure when it's real."

-J. Browne


Delve into PRACTICE.


We seek psychological guidance when life doesn’t go the way we think it should, or want. Sadness, fear, anxiety and confusion often cloud our hearts and minds. We tell ourselves what should be (I should be happier, I should be thinner), not how it really is (I am sad, lonely or stuck). This build-up of unsaid feelings, pressures, negative thoughts, and self-judgment keep us from living a joyful, balanced life.


At PRACTICE PSYCHOLOGY, we know this because we have journeyed ourselves. Our individual and group therapy practices are dedicated toward mindful awareness of, and ease with, life’s daily challenges. Benefits include: greater depth and range of personal self-awareness, insight as well as acceptance, personal and profound happiness.
Through a combination of talk therapy and body practices, you will forward your personal journey and delve into your Self. You will find your own way, in a place of safety and freedom, to explore a life of possibility, peace and authenticity. All will come with PRACTICE.