At PRACTICE, meditation is often magical, life enhancing and commonly challenging! Meditation practice will awaken inner listening, self-attunement and greater experience of the present moment. Our approach to this ancient art is simple and sourceful. We guide you in finding the meditation approach that inspires and works best – for you. There are many ways to meditate and we encourage sampling and experimenting with different meditation classes. Each class will become an opportunity for contemplation and self discovery. Daily sitting meditation sessions as well as guided sessions are offered. Try a class that’s breath focused, or one that focuses on the body’s energy centers. Maybe a less structured approach calls you.. Meditation is a naturally open, unfolding and transcendent process that allows your true colors to shine…body, mind and soul!



Meditation Techniques 4 week course, 8 hours


At PRACTICE, meditation is often magical, life enhancing and commonly challenging! It is a very powerful way to awaken inner listening, self-attunement and a greater experience of the present moment. The practice of meditation commonly reduces stress, increases attention, concentration and access to innate inner wisdom.


Have you been interested in meditation but were unsure where to begin? Allow Tina Conroy to instruct and support your steps toward cultivating and building a meditation practice that is uniquely your own. At PRACTICE we understand the personal quality of meditation and the unique nature of each person’s body, mind and soul.
Different sourceful meditation tools such as guided breath work, mantra, concentration, free writing, walking and conscious eating will be explored whether you are new to meditation or wish to deepen your personal Practice, Tina’s 4 week course may be for you.


Meditation Healing Circles

Our PRACTICE meditation-healing circle is a community gathering for meditation. Themes vary from session to session based on season, daily occurrences and environment.The circle structure includes fifteen minutes of guided meditation and 45 minutes of receiving Reiki within the group. One or more Reiki practitioners may be present dependent upon group needs.

Clients may lie down or be seated to receive Reiki to encourage comfort and ease.  All are welcome and no experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing.

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