Michelle Lublin


Michelle Lublin, RYT, Life Coach is a Yoga Teacher and the Partner in charge of Practice Body Mind Soul Company’s children’s business, kids teacher trainings and all related programming. Michelle has had many roads leading to PRACTICE. All embody her essence as a passionate yogi and healer. Her career and expertise have been built starting 27 years ago working with special-needs deaf children, then teaching thousands of children gymnastics, as well as founding her own kids’ music, movement, crafts and party business. All before going on to teach 2500+ children yoga from pre-school upward throughout Long Island and Greater New York.

Michelle instantly connects with and helps children find peace, happiness & confidence. A natural joy for her! She took time during her career to have her own children, who are now two thriving, handsome teenage sons. One day when Michelle experienced unexpected hard times, she wandered into a yoga class and her life began to change one day at a time, one yoga class at a time. She got clear about the tremendous benefit of yogic practice over a lifetime as a person, healer and mother – body, mind, soul.


Michelle’s Yoga Teacher training credentials include three children’s teacher trainings, one special needs training, and an adult training. She is also a Certified Life Coach. She received her certification as a health and wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Michelle says every road she travels has the same heartfelt goal - healing and transformation. She knows each and every student’s story and what brought them to yoga. She is overjoyed to be living her dream and sharing it with others at PRACTICE!