Dr. Lisa Langer


Lisa Langer, PhD is a Clinical Psychologist, Founder, and the Partner in charge of all Programming and Development at PRACTICE Body Mind Soul Company. Lisa has a life-long devotion to living body, mind and soul. The essence of her vision is to facilitate deep inner transformation through a combination of talk therapy and body practices, enabling each person to realize his or her unique self.


Dr. Langer received her PhD at the Derner Institute/ Adelphi University, is a 200-hour trained yoga instructor and holds a certificate in Gestalt psychotherapy. Lisa is profoundly intent on opening PRACTICE as a new avenue of growth for her clients and training doctoral candidates in a body, mind, soul approach to modern psychotherapy.


A mother of two beautiful girls, Lisa is involved with every aspect of PRACTICE to create a legacy of body, mind, soul living for generations to come. She is thrilled to be bringing the PRACTICE lifestyle to people -- for health, healing and unimaginable happiness.