Class Descriptions



Holding postures allow the body to learn and remember. Sequences are designed for specific physical and emotional awareness. Open to all levels.



The practice begins here – where the vocabulary and basics of yoga are explored to increase awareness. Ideal for beginner or for the seasoned yogi looking to focus on the more subtle details of practice.


Gentle Yoga

A mindful practice where the student is encouraged to explore postures honoring their unique anatomy. There is some progression linking poses for a gentle flow.


Flow Yoga 1, 2

A joyful and liberating flow using various alignment tools. Our masterful teachers guide you through a free and inspiring flow.


Flow Yoga 2, 3

A deep, creative and challenging flow class peppered with inversions, arm balances, twists and more.

Flow Yoga 1, 2, 3

A fun class designed for everybody: the weekend warrior to the daily devotee. Great playlist, inspirational readings, and a melting flow leading one to a breakthrough experience of connection – body, mind and soul.

Restorative Yoga

A “spa” feeling class designed to relieve the effects of stress on the body. Yoga props are used to help relax, release and allow the mind to quiet. Dress warmly, eye pillows are encouraged.


Great way to begin the day. Designed to incorporate a mindfully creative flow and send you on your way.

Ashtanga Program

An ancient system of Vinyasa Yoga traditionally taught by Sri K Pattabhi Jois and his lineage consisting of a 6 series of set sequences designed to bring health and vitality.

Intro to Ashtanga

Learn the standing and some seated poses of the primary series, focusing on linking breath with movement and using gazing points or drishtis. A 4-week commitment is requested since each class builds on the skills learned the prior week.


Learn and practice at your own pace. Learn the practice independent of class and teacher and can take it with you anywhere!

Primary LED

First series of Ashtanga Yoga. Address imbalances in the physical body, bringing health to every organ system, joint, muscle and cell, leaving one cleansed and clear to experience vibrant health.

Second Series

Stops along the way to develop and prepare for the deeper poses. Cleansing of the channels of the energy body and nervous system. Student should feel comfortable in primary series.

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