Words of Wisdom

Margaret Manning, founder of Sixty and Me, made a career, no, life choice at 60. She quit her corporate job and became an entrepreneur to support a more flexible lifestyle.

She noticed that her choice to reinvent her life made younger women around her question theirs. What is my purpose? What does it all mean?

These philosophical musings inspired Manning to compile a list--60 Things Older Women Want Younger Women to Know-- and post it on Third Metric of The Huffington Post.

We, at PRACTICE, are inspired by this list because although it had a specific intention, most of its many pearls can apply to anyone at any stage of life.

Some bits are cliches like "life is not a dress rehearsal," (but, hey cliches start somewhere), and others are as unique as "be a warrior." Much of the list involves mindlfully living in the present moment Body, Mind and Soul, without anxiety or fear- being true to yourself and embracing the many changes and challenges life throws at you with an open, welcoming attitude.

We encourage you to visit this list. What is your favorite pearl of wisdom from the lovely ladies at Sixty and Me??





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