Inspiration From the Akashic

At this time of year, I've been reflecting on and being inspired by the meaning of "Christ Consciousness." Christ Consciousness is a particular form of energy, often confused with the soul of and the human being, Jesus. As I understand him, Jesus, through his human life, embodied the consciousness of Christ. "Christ" can be thought of as a title so to speak. According to the Keepers of the Akashic, we can all embody Christ consciousness, but there is one way only:
"You must first and foremost realign your own heart with your own spirit, then to help everybody else to do the same. The way that is done, the only way that is done, is through love.  The only way it is done is by developing, establishing and developing a capacity for unconditional love and then exerting that capacity or offering that love in every circumstance you possibly can, in every way you can possibly come up with. You came here to love." --Akashic Transformations
So this week, regardless of our religious beliefs, let's be inspired by the man Jesus and the consciousness he brought to bear on Earth; let's  each of us align our hearts and spirits and offer love in every moment we live and breathe, to each other and to ourselves.


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