One Breath at a Time: Yoga Therapeutics with Ty and Shayan Landrum

landrum and P_copyYoga offers the technology for stepping out of our stories and into the present moment one breath at a time, according to Dr. Ty Landrum, master ashtanga yoga teacher, yogic scholar, and partner in yoga therapy with his wife Dr. Shayan Landrum, LAc.

AT PRACTICE, we are all about stepping into the present moment and out of the stale, conditioned routines that often create unhealthy patterns in our lives. This past weekend’s Workshop with Ty and Shayan Landrum who were visiting from the Richard Freeman’s Yoga Workshop in Boulder, Colorado, allowed each of us to let go of some old stories and begin to write new ones!

On Saturday, Ty led the group through the Ashtanga yoga primary series, reminding us throughout that its the breath that moves the body into asana, not the movement that forces or controls the breath. This simple shift in focus makes all the difference between yoga’s ability to heal and transform versus perpetuate unwanted patterns in body and mind. I've been applying this to my own yoga practice and I can tell you that I'm now "forcing" less and "allowing" more and I've noticed my breath is deeper and sweeter than usual!

Shayan brings her profound personal experience to the workshop and to yoga therapy. Having recovered from both open-heart surgery and a traumatic brain injury, she uses the spiritual practices of Ashtanga yoga, along with meditation and breath work to live moment to moment. She is a true inspiration! Ty and Shayan's yoga therapy model, which is based on Sri K. Patthabi Jois's Ashtanga system, is easily adapted and taught to people with acute and chronic medical conditions. Ty and Shayan  also reminded us that ALL yoga is yoga, so that yoga, not just yoga therapy, is accessible and healing for everyone.

Therapeutic applications of yoga are moving into the forefront in many major hospitals as traditional medicine strives for better ways to promote health and wellness. Shayan and Ty’s passion for healing others through yoga was contagious, and by the close of Sunday, all who attended the workshop were educated, uplifted and transformed.





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