PRACTICE Getting High With Tommy Rosen & Kia Miller

Sunday's workshop with Tommy Rosen and Kia Miller was truly a journey to the infinite pharmacy within.


Kia began the day with a morning of Radiant Body Yoga, the kundalini vinyasa style of yoga she has inspired and developed. The beautiful sequence of vinyasas and krias left us all more peaceful, more centered, certainly clearer and ready for Tommy's afternoon journey. Tommy described his own recovery journey from drugs and alcohol, and  the ways that yoga, meditation, the 8-limbs of yoga and a heart filled with gratitude and service can heal the compulsive behaviors and painful scars of addiction.

Tommy and Kia left behind more than their masterful CD's and infectious smiles at PRACTICE. They left the community with practical, inspirational tools for daily living... methods to experience and manage our body-mind energies, and ways to connect with something greater than ourselves, our divine purpose.

PRACTICE is looking forward to hosting Tommy and Kia again in 2014!


tommy and gangcouple


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