Jamie Miller

Jamie Miller is a Co-Founding Partner and Certified Pilates Instructor at Practice Body Mind Soul Company. Jamie emanates joy, beauty and a down-to-earth, "good listener" quality that her clients’ treasure. She holds her B.A. from the University of Delaware and M.A. in Education from Long Island University/CW Post Campus.


Early in her career, she taught elementary school before focusing on raising her own two children. During that time, she started taking Pilates and was so inspired by the self-transformation she experienced that she committed herself to a 900-hour certification program to give that away to others.


Her mission is to help guide clients through the same self-transforming process, as well as introduce children, especially young athletes, to the benefits of Pilates. At Practice, she is helping to guide our whole organization to cultivate a Practice lifestyle and move beyond any one discipline to unify body, mind and soul.

Jamie Miller instructs the following:
  • Pilates - Combo
  • This class alternates
    between all the apparatus (Reformer,
    Tower, Chair and Mat) to combine
    the best of everything. Designed
    specifically by the instructor with
    advance planning so each class is
    slightly different and suited to individual
    needs and levels. This class will
    challenge and work all your body parts.

  • Pilates - Tower
  • The tower is
    a fixed wall-mounted apparatus that
    increases flexibility and mind/
    body awareness. Build lean, flexible
    muscles as well as increase coordination,
    improve posture, and
    relieves stress to various joints/
    muscles. In this class, you will use
    the breathing bar, leg springs,
    arm springs and the push through
    bar to accomplish a challenging
    full body work-out.

  • Pilates Reformer
  • This class is designed to offer a
    challenging and fun workout.
    This moving piece of equipment
    is used to increase range of motion,
    strength, balance and coordination
    by using springs of various tensions.